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In early 2015, Bishop Hougland hosted town hall style meetings in three different locations. People from across the diocese were invited to share their vision for our future as one diocesan community following a period of silent reflection and prayer. The responses to this listening and sharing exercise were, as the bishop described, filled with "powerful and often moving moments of honesty and truth." The EDWM Diocesan Council then held a retreat in May and processed the discernment from the town hall meetings.

Below is a video of Diocesan Council reflecting what they heard, as well as Bishop Hougland's pastoral letter and a way for those in our diocese to add their reflections to this ongoing conversation. If you need further assistance, call The Episcopal Center at (269) 381-2710.

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The Three Regions

Three regions were established as the result of the unanimous vote to restructure the diocese: the Southern Region, the Central Region, and the Northern Region.

Curious where your church falls? Check out this map of the regions and churches.

Video: Our Diocesan Future with Diocesan Council


Diocesan Council Resolution

“We resolve to create a three-year plan for the Diocese, the primary goals of which are the following:

1. Reaching our younger generations
2. Caring for creation, our neighbors and our place by supporting programs addressing the needs for food, water, and shelter
3. Seeking to raise up a deacon in each parish as a catalyst for mission
4. Engaging in a process of asset mapping to identify the gifts given us to do God’s work

“In order to achieve these goals, we have identified the necessity to improve internal and external communication: first, to communicate with each other for mutual growth and learning and second, to the world around us explaining who we are as the Episcopal Church, what we stand for and what we are doing in the world.”