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The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan is headquartered on Burdick Street in downtown Kalamazoo. (Map) Our staff includes four full-time employees, three part-time employees, four non-stipendary deacons and several volunteers who assist us on various projects during the year. To learn more about our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Whayne M. Hougland, Jr., please click here now.

We hope you'll get to know us so that we can all work together in service to God's people and our hurting world. To reach any of the staff members listed below, please click here now or call (269) 381-2710 for further assistance.

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The Rev. Canon William J. Spaid, Canon to the Ordinary

Bill Spaid has worked for the Diocese since January 2003, and has served in the diocese since 1986, previously the rector of St. Martin of Tours in Kalamazoo. Prior to ordination he was an elementary school teacher and reading specialist. He has served on the Commission on Ministry and Standing Committee of the Diocese, worked for many years on the diocesan camp staff, and was on the Transition Team during our last Bishop’s Search and chaired the arrangements committee for Bishop Lee’s Consecration. As Canon to the Ordinary he serves as the Bishop’s chief pastoral assistant and Transition Officer for the diocese. He works closely with canons and the disciplinary board to support the work of the Bishop. He takes great pleasure in working with congregational leaders, both clergy and laity, in times of transition and change. Phone: (269) 381-2710 ext. 11 (Send an e-mail to

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Molly Ettwein, Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Molly Ettwein joined the staff of the diocese in April 2012 as Executive Assistant to the Bishop. Molly worked for a large bank corporation for over 15 years before she left the corporate world to stay home with her two children. As her daughter and son build lives of their own, Molly looks forward to further exploring her interests in writing and sewing as well as weekend bicycle trips with her husband Tony.

Her responsibilities include everything it takes to keep the Bishop on schedule, caught up with correspondence, well-informed and prepared for events months and even years in advance. Phone: (269) 381-2710 ext. 14 (Send an e-mail to


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Genevieve Callard, Assistant to the Bishop for Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Gennie was called to serve as the Assistant to the Bishop for Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries with the Diocese of Western Michigan in October 2003. Her primary responsibility is assisting parishes with their children and youth ministry programs. She travels, visiting parishes, meeting with children and youth ministers, and putting on conferences for our Diocese. During the summer, she also serves as the director for the diocesan Episcopal Youth Camp, overseeing all programs and staff. Raised in a family of educators and (Episcopal) clergy, she grew up in this diocese, attending Good Shepherd in Allegan.

She has been working professionally with The Episcopal Church since 1985, when she was called to serve at the diocesan camp of Newark. In 1998 she joined the Bishop’s staff in the Diocese of Massachusetts. While living in Cambridge, MA, she continued her education through classes and seminars at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge. She adores working with young people, but also enjoys helping the adults find their gifts and skills to minister to the young people in their parishes. Phone: (269) 381-2710 ext. 13 (Send an e-mail to

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Tammy Mazure, CPA, Assistant to the Bishop for Finance and Benefit Administration

Tammy Mazure is on sabbatical until October 21, 2016.

Tammy has worked for EDWM since October 2005. She handles all accounting functions for the diocesan finances, including budget preparation and financial reporting. She administers and maintains the health/dental/vision plans for lay and clergy employees, as well as the pension benefit plans for lay and clergy employees in the diocese.  She serves the Bishop, vestries and treasurers in parishes, lay and clergy employees in parishes within the diocese, and Diocesan Council.

One of her areas of interest is in stewardship, i.e. the using and sharing of the resources that God gave us for the good of the mission. Even with her role in the diocese, she knows that churches aren’t all about money. She obtained her Associates of Applied Science from Glen Oaks Community College and her Bachelors in Business Administration from Western Michigan University. Married to Dan, the love of her life, Tammy is also Certified Public Accountant. She has one son and one daughter. Phone: (269) 381-2710 ext. 12 (Send an email to

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Karmel Puzzuoli, Assistant to the Bishop for Communications

Karmel joined the EDWM staff in April 2012, and is responsible for electronic and print communications of the diocese, including the website, EDWM Communicator, social media, video and other communications tools of the diocese. An Episcopalian since 2008, she is interested in making concepts of the Episcopal Church more accessible to non-Episcopalians. She has worked for non-profits, and enjoys utilizing her talents in editorial writing and graphic design, especially in working with the deacons of the diocese to promote on-the-ground ministries and community involvement.

Karmel is a 1995 graduate of the University of Kansas and studied in the communications studies graduate program at Wayne State University in 2002. She is mom to two young children, one of whom has disabilities and intense care needs. She enjoys cooking and canning and is a community activist at heart. Phone: (269) 381-2710 ext. 19 (Send an email to

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Cathy Rhodes, Finance Assistant

Cathy joined the EDWM staff in November 2012 to assist Tammy Mazure in accounting functions. Though originally headed toward hospitality management, her career path took a different course, resulting in accounting education and experience in varying industries.  She took a sabbatical from the corporate world in 2002 to focus on providing personal/business assistance to seniors wishing to remain independent.  This work was supplemented with part-time accounting positions in manufacturing, contracting, hospitality and law firms – a flexible schedule needed while raising two children, who are now 16 and 21. 

A lifelong Kalamazoo resident, Cathy takes pleasure in spending time with family and friends.  Taking advantage of Michigan’s four seasons, she enjoys camping, boating and snowmobiling, and especially cheering her daughter on in both soccer and basketball. (Send at email to

Kellan Day, Young Adult Missioner, Grand Rapids

Kellan began working for EDWM in April of 2015. As a fairly recent convert to the Anglican tradition, she finds the liturgical patterns, bridge-building theology, and rich sacraments life-giving.

Kellan is no longer the Young Adult Missioner; she is attending seminary at The School of Theology in Sewanee, Tennessee. She writes, "I will miss working with the young adult community and with college students but am eager to begin this next season of training and formation in seminary. The young adult community in Grand Rapids will continue on without my leadership. I am very confident that the project will continue to provide spiritual formation and community engagement for many young adults in the Grand Rapids area and am thankful for the leaders who have stepped up to help coordinate Concordia. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Thank you for letting me serve with you over the last year and a half - it has been one of my greatest joys."

Deacons Appointed to Diocesan Ministries
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The Venerable Marilou Schlotterbeck, Interim Archdeacon, Deacon for Liturgy

Marilou was ordained in August of 1994 at St. Philip's Church in Beulah, and was recently appointed interim archdeacon in charge of deacons. She has served on the Commission on Ministry, Diocesan Council, Council of Deacons, treasurer and vice-chair of the Traverse Deanery, and has gone on two mission trips (to the Dominican Republic and New Orleans). Marilou's ministry is serving families in need. This includes her ministry as director of the Benzie County Baby Pantry which was started 10 years ago and has just recently built a new building. Marilou serves on several committees in her community: president of Children's Trust Fund, chair of Human Services Collaborative, member of the Food Coalition and volunteer at the Department of Human Services. She has also worked with Women's Resource Center, helping women who are abused, and as a doula, helping women who are pregnant. She has also facilitated a bereavement group out of hospice. She has been married 45 years and has 3 children and 9 grand-children. (Send an e-mail)

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The Rev. Cindy Nawrocki, Deacon for Domestic Mission Trips and Jubilees

        1. Cindy was ordained a deacon in the diocese in September 2003. She is currently assigned to the Bishop as the deacon for domestic mission trips and Jubilee Ministries. She also works as a hospice chaplain for Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids. She is a Peace and Justice Officer for Province V, and is on the Executive Council's Committee on Anti-Racism. She was elected as a delegate to the General Convention in 2015, and also serves on the Standing Committee and the Commission on Ministry.

          She retired in 2002 from a job with the State of Michigan. She has been assigned to the Bishop for about three years. She has 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. She is currently training to be a spiritual director. Phone: (269) 381-2710. (Send an e-mail)
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The Rev. Karen McDonald, Deacon for Health Ministries

Karen was ordained a deacon in 2001, having worked as a registered nurse since 1960. She has a bachelor of science in health from Western Michigan University and a master’s degree in Public Administration from Western Michigan. Her passion for community health began in the 1980s and 1990s when she worked with the elderly and disabled, as well as the HIV AIDS population. In learning more about people with chronic conditions, she discovered her gift for compassion and combining spiritual health with physical health. She received the certification of health minister through Faith Community Health Ministry’s 49-hour training, and began working in the diocesan office regularly in January 2011.

Karen organizes foot spa and blood pressure clinics for a subsidized apartment complex which houses vulnerable elderly and disabled persons, and is located right behind the diocesan office, which serves as a model for others in health ministry around the diocese. She has also been instrumental in forming a coalition which seeks to open a new health clinic in Kalamazoo County, the “United Interfaith Free Health Clinic.” She has three grown children and four grandchildren, and has been married to her husband Jim for 52 years. Phone: (269) 381-2710 (Send an e-mail

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The Rev. Beth Drew, Deacon for the Millennium Development Goals and
the Dominican Republic Companion Diocese Program

Beth was ordained in 2008 and was one of the first graduates of the David Oakerhater Schools for Deacons. She is assigned to the Bishop to promote knowledge and support of the Millennium Development Goals and also serves as the deacon for Western Michigan's Companionship initiative with the Dominican Republic.

Beth also serves as the Bishop's representative on the board of the Dominican Development Group in his absence and coordinates Western Michigan's mission project in San Marcos, Dominican Republic. Currently we are committed to a 5 year project building a church and school facility with the members of San Simon mission. She is charged with traveling the Diocese to call forth, empower, and inspire the baptized in Western Michigan to look for their role in fulfilling their own call to servant ministry.

Beth has been a Registered Nurse since 1980 and currently is employed with Borgess Research Institute as a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator. She has 2 grown children, 4 grandchildren and actively supports her husband, George, in his sports work with young people. Beth welcomes all opportunities to speak at your Sunday services, vestry or group meetings. She is liturgically assigned to St. Mark's in Coldwater when not traveling. Phone: (269) 244-9908 (Send an e-mail)

Diocesan Volunteers & Coordinators
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        1. Kay Hanson, EDWM Office Assistant

        2. Kay started volunteering at the Diocesan office when they were located on Lovers Lane. Her job consists of helping the staff, filing, answering the phone, mailings, typing as requested, input of data into ACS, etc. She also reads the monthly parish newsletters/web site information in order to compile a synopsis for the Bishop. A "cradle Episcopalian,” she grew up attending St Luke's in Kalamazoo and has since 1967 been a member of St. Martin of Tours, Kalamazoo.

          Kay is a retired RN  and worked at Bronson Hospital for over 40 years. Her husband Bill Hanson occasionally volunteers at the Episcopal Center and helps with annual convention registration. They have 2 grown married sons and 4 grandchildren. Kay enjoys working with the dedicated staff and meeting people from all over the diocese. Phone: (269) 381-2710

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Kenneth Reid, Ph.D., Coordinator for the Pastoral Care and Counseling Program

Dr. Ken Reid, a clinical social worker, coordinates the diocese's Pastoral Care and Counseling Program, which was established in 1970. Initially the program was created to address the needs of the clergy. Over the years it has evolved into an outreach ministry of the Diocese. Individual, group, premarital, marital, and family counseling are offered. In addition, pastoral care consultation is available to clergy.

Ken has been with the Program since 1976. Ken is professor emeritus of Social Work at Western Michigan University. He is also the author of "How Many Therapists Does It Take?: The Wit and Wisdom of Psychotherapy" (Learn more)

Common themes of counseling include depression, life transitions, post-traumatic stress, career challenges, grief and mourning, and interpersonal relationships. Professional counseling is intentionally made available at an affordable rate. There is a reduced fee for clergy and their families. Counseling and referrals are available by appointment. Generally, the initial interview will be within a week, depending on the scope and severity of the problem. Phone: (269) 381-4442 (Send an e-mail)