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God's spirit is working among us every day in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan, from the quiet orchards of Berrien County to the sandy shores of Petoskey and everywhere in between. Our members are eager to share the Light of Christ. Parishes and ministry groups in EDWM are welcome to submit items for this page. (Read news submission guidelines.) You may call us at (269) 381-2710 or click here to send us an e-mail. Important: To visit our online Calendar page, please click here now.

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How to Get On Our Calendar or Submit News to the EDWM Communicator:

Do you have an upcoming event you'd like to see featured on this web page? Is your local parish or organization planning something special in the coming weeks?

If so, please click here now to read our "Guidelines for Submissions to the EDWM Communicator" (PDF). Then e-mail your notice to the Diocesan Communications team at least two weeks in advance - click here now. Or call the Diocesan office at (269) 381-2710.

Seeking Counselors for Episcopal Youth Camp

Episcopal Youth Camp is seeking male cabin counselors for Middle and Junior Camps in August. While camp enriches the faith lives of the children who attend, it is a little known fact that staff find themselves blessed by the experience as well. Those who serve on staff return year after year for this experiences. Please consider serving on the staff!

Middle Camp (middle school ages), August 5-12 One male cabin counselor needed.

Junior Camp (grades 3-5), August 12-19 Four more cabin counselors are needed, without which, the camp will be unable to run the Leaders in Training portion of the camp.

To volunteer for these positions, contact Gennie Callard, Bishop's Assistant for Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries at (269) 381-2710, ext. 13 or

The Episcopal Youth Camp has well over 110 campers, and the registration deadline for the younger camps are still over a month away (due July 24). See registration information here.

National Acolyte Festival in Washington, D.C.

St. Andrew's Church, Grand Rapids is excited to announce a trip to the Washington National Cathedral for the National Acolyte Festival from October 5-8, 2017. They are inviting parishes in the diocese to join them on this adventure. They will travel by deluxe motor coach, and stay at the Holiday Inn Express, Silver Springs.

Participants will have a 1½ days for exploring the city. The site-seeing groups will be arranged based on participants' interests, and will include the White House, Smithsonian, and other historic places in our nation's capital.

Of course the main event is the Acolyte Festival where all acolytes are invited to bring and carry banners, flags, crucifers, streamers, thuribles, and torches to participate in the impressive expansive procession. After the procession and the re-dedication service they will choose from fun workshops including Holy Smoke, Streamers, Vestments, or the Gargoyles of the Cathedral. Before leaving for more DC site-seeing they will find the Darth Vader grotesque on the northwest tower of the cathedral.

Available seats are first come, first served. All interested acolytes and churches will find trip information and registration forms here. Interested persons may also contact them at, or (616) 365-7887.

Formation Leaders Training and Retreat Coming in October


Save the date for a retreat this fall for formation leaders October 27-28, 2017 at Camp Newaygo (click here for map).

Formation leaders are Sunday School teachers, youth group leaders, and adult education facilitators in their parishes or dioceses. Mature high school leaders are also invited to participate and attend with their adult mentor.

This is a hands-on retreat led by Jalisa Danhof, award-winning camp director at Camp Newaygo. Activities will include the following: Group and community building Debriefing activities with a theological perspective Leading discussion and keeping people on track More topics to be announced!

Cost is $40, and includes meals, lodging and training. Click here for more information on check-in, schedule, what-to-expect, and registration information.

Reading Camps 2017

The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan is again excited to announce READING CAMPS 2017! We have two camps this summer and the children involved will have a chance to experience the joy of reading and improved reading skills as well as field trips and fun!

St. James Episcopal Church in Albion is collaborating with the Albion Recreation Department to provide a Summer Dreams Program for children 5-12 from June 19-August 11. The children will enjoy reading about Michigan legends, myths, and Indian culture. They will also swim in the school pool, go to the Schuler Arts Center, and visit the Whitehouse Nature Center. The camp will serve 50-60 children, and Mother Darlene will be assisted by Albion College students in working with the students!

St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Beulah is again having their reading camp at Benzie Valley Elementary School and they are expecting 20-30 children ages 7-11 from July 10-14. The children will be reading books about Michigan wild animals and going on field trips to see as many of the animals as possible. They’ll read about bears and wolves and bats and other creatures great and small!

Once again we would like to request that churches in the diocese help us by purchasing a few of the books we need and sending them to St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church, 785 Beulah Hiway, Beulah, Michigan 49617. The books can be purchased at any book store or on Amazon. The titles we would like are by Sandra Markle: What If You Had Animal Feet? and What If You Had Animal Hair? and Wolverines. It would be such a gift to the children in our diocese if these books could be provided for them!

For more on EDWM Reading Camp, including videos, click here to go to our Reading Camp page.

Manifest Young Adult Publication

EDWM's former Young Adult Missioner in Grand Rapids, Kellan Day, has vacated her position to attend The School of Theology in Sewanee, TN.

Before leaving for seminary, Kellan managed the publication of the young adult magazine, Manifest.

Manifest is printed and ready for distribution. Kellan Day organized and produced this project through a UTO young adult grant. The copies are available to be picked up at EDWM offices, and parishes will also have the option to pick them up at the Diocesan Convention in early November.

If you have any questions for Kellan, please email her at

In the meantime, you can read Manifest online by clicking here.

    ECW Outreach Booklet Now Online




The seed planted today just might become a plant in another garden during the next season!
– Char Camfield, 1938-2016

The ECW Outreach Booklet is now available online. It was the idea of the late Char Camfield, ECW president who died in September 2016, to update the booklet first published in 2008.

The book is a 48-page testimony of the outreach work of 36 participating EDWM parishes in the diocese. Complete with descriptions, anecdotes and full color pictures, the booklet is full of ideas about how to carry out outreach ministries in parishes big and small.

Click here to see the booklet online.

    From our Ecumenical and Interfaith Officer: The Rev. Mike Wernick

Confronting Tribalism

We all need boundaries. We all need limits. Without them there’d be chaos and anarchy. Without them, entropy would get the upper hand, and the edges of both things and ideas would become so blurry, so homogeneous, that (like in one of those science fiction movies) it’d become increasingly difficult to tell “which of these things is not like the other.” That’s why, in both physical systems and in human relationships, some form of energy must periodically be applied to help them maintain their integrity.

ome boundaries are like one-gallon milk containers. Without them, milk would flood the bottoms of refrigerators. Some boundaries are like people’s front doors; you don’t cross the threshold without asking permission. And some are more arbitrary, like city, parish, county, state, and national boundaries.
Some limits are speed limits – though it seems that few follow them. Some limits are the highest level of decibels allowed in most residential areas, though that might be hard to know on the Fourth of July. And some limits are determined by age, like how old one must be to drive or vote or marry.

Read more.

    Parishes in Transition

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