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Michigan has many persistent public health problems today. For example, our state ranks fifth in the nation in obesity, ties for fifth highest rates of diabetes, and is ninth in the nation for deaths caused by cardiovascular disease.

The EDWM Health Ministry strives to bring a sense of hope to people who are at risk of becoming unwell in body, mind and spirit. This section summarizes our Health Ministry program.

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Check here every month for health topics and observances.

Reducing Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is February’s Health Topic

Anyone can develop a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Blood clots form when blood thickens and clumps. A clot in a deep vein in the body, usually in the lower leg or thigh, is known as a DVT. Not moving enough is a huge contributor to the risk of getting a DVT. Certain diseases and conditions such as surgery, broken bones, recent cancer treatment, pregnancy, or use of birth control pills raise one’s chances of getting a DVT. If the clot breaks off, moves in the bloodstream and lodges in an artery in the lungs, a more serious and sometimes deadly condition known as pulmonary embolism can result. 

Classic signs/symptoms of DVT:
Blue Arrow LeftSwelling
Blue Arrow LeftPain
Blue Arrow LeftWarmth and/or redness
Immediately report these to your doctor or healthcare provider.

Reduce risk for DVT:
Blue Arrow LeftExercise lower leg muscles if sitting a long time
Blue Arrow LeftStand, walk, and/or flex your feet up and down every hour or so when traveling)
Blue Arrow LeftAvoid crossing your legs
Blue Arrow LeftGet out of bed as soon as you are able after surgery or illness
Blue Arrow LeftTake medications prescribed to prevent clots
Blue Arrow LeftMaintain a healthy weight
Blue Arrow LeftDon’t smoke

Talk with your doctor or healthcare provider if you think you have a risk for DVT.

Learn M
The Mayo Clinic
National Institutes of Health
How to Spot and Prevent DVT

  • Do you have a question about a health topic? Contact Health Ministry volunteer Eva Jerome by clicking here now.

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