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Michigan has many persistent public health problems today. For example, our state ranks fifth in the nation in obesity, ties for fifth highest rates of diabetes, and is ninth in the nation for deaths caused by cardiovascular disease.

The EDWM Health Ministry strives to bring a sense of hope to people who are at risk of becoming unwell in body, mind and spirit. This section summarizes our Health Ministry program.

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Check here every month for health topics and observances.

Eye Injury Prevention is July’s Safety & Health Observance

July is Eye Injury Prevention Month. Most eye injuries that often happen at home or on the job can be prevented.

Here are a few steps to prevent eye injury:

Blue Arrow Left Wear protective eyewear during yard work, sports and activities where there are risks of flying particles, objects, or dust (polycarbonate eyewear is 10 times stronger than other plastics, choose ASTM F 803-approved for sports)
Blue Arrow LeftKeep children away from flying debris
Blue Arrow LeftWear goggles when exposed to chemicals, even if just a bystander
Blue Arrow LeftStore hazardous substances such as fertilizers, pesticides and pool chemicals away and out of children’s reach
Blue Arrow LeftSupervise children’s use of tools (pencils, scissors, forks, knives, coat hangers, rubber bands, fish hooks)
Blue Arrow LeftWear sunglasses (best to block out 99-100% of UV-A and UV-B radiation)
Blue Arrow Left Eliminate potential fall hazards ( sharp furniture edges and corners can be covered with cushioning material)
Blue Arrow Left Avoid certain children’s toys: non-powder rifles, pellet or BB guns, darts, bows & arrows & missile-firing toys
Blue Arrow Left Don’t allow children to use laser pointers, especially green laser pointers that can permanently damage the retina & cause visual loss with just a few seconds exposure. Avoid directing beam to anyone’s eyes.
Blue Arrow Left Forgo fireworks
Blue Arrow Left Wash hands thoroughly before putting in and taking out contact lenses
Blue Arrow Left Give your eyes a rest from activities that require looking at one focus for a long time like computer use

Get medical help from an ophthalmologist or another doctor as quickly as possible when an eye injury occurs, even if it seems like a minor injury and take steps to prevent further damage:

  • Blue Arrow LeftDon’t touch or rub or apply pressure
  • Blue Arrow LeftDon’t try to remove an object if it appears stuck or has penetrated.
  • Blue Arrow LeftDon’t apply ointment or medication
  • Blue Arrow LeftFlush any chemicals the eye has been exposed to with lots of clear water

Blue Arrow LeftGently place a shield or gauze over the eye until you get medical treatment

Learn M

Mayo Clinic: Tips to Prevent Eye Injury
NIH: Tips for Healthy Eyes

  • Do you have a question about a health topic? Contact Health Ministry volunteer Eva Jerome by clicking here now.

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