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The Diocesan Council is comprised of a diverse group of people, both clergy and laity, from across the diocese who function as "the diocesan convention in recess" with the responsibility to oversee the implementation of the decisions made by the convention, work with staff and volunteers to monitor the ongoing life of the diocese, and to act on behalf of the convention in between meetings.

This page provides access to up-to-date information on the business of the Diocesan Council, a description of how it functions, and information about each Diocesan Council member. If you need further assistance, call The Episcopal Center at (269) 381-2710.

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The Responsibilities of Diocesan Council

The role of the Diocesan Council is spelled out clearly in the Constitution and Canons of the EDWM, as well as its composition, the election of members, hierarchy, function, and its duties and responsibilities.

How do the Canons describe Diocesan Council's structure and purpose? Click here to read Canon 7.
Read the "Covenant of Leadership," which Diocesan Council members enter into.

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Current Membership of the Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council is comprised of members representing all deaneries of the diocese, both clergy and laity. Click here now to see who the members are, and how to get into contact with them. If you have further questions, call us at the Episcopal Center at (269) 381-2710.

Diocesan Council Member Page